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Spiral cable features of the product
Article : Ludun Time : 2015-10-08 PV:
Has good flexibility and elasticity (elongation length can reach the original spring length is 3-4 times).Good cold resistance, flame resistance, oil resistance and abrasion resistance.According to different occasions require the production of various kinds of helical spring line.
Conductor structure: using single strands or agglutination naked soft copper wire (or tin plated copper wire)
Insulation: can only use polyoxyethylene, polyethylene, polyethylene or polyethylene, to meet the requirements of different occasions.    
Sheath material: general with flame retardant polyurethane elastic PU material
Working temperature: according to customer's requirement, hardy - 65 degrees;Heat resistance within 180 degrees.
Production range: standard section: 0.03 ~ 4 square meters) (special specifications according to customer's request.
Electric drive some conclusions: 1 ~ 37 core (special specifications according to customer's production).

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