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Duct series main purposes
Article : Ludun Time : 2015-10-08 PV:
(1) air supply, including ventilation, such as fresh air and exhaust, and the range is very wide, such as workshop, production site air, with the need of harmful gases emitted, and need the air to the outdoor to indoor.Would then use the flow volume and low pressure air delivery pipe, spiral duct is the most applicable, usually use galvanized iron pipe, corrosive and special stainless steel tube used in damp places.
(2) to send the cold wind, the most common is the central air conditioning pipe, the pipe need to add insulation material.Spiral duct can stick a thermal insulation material, the appearance is beautiful.
(3) platoon lampblack, hotel, restaurant, hotel kitchen has produced a large number of lampblack, need discharge, using circular oil duct is the chimney.Here, the spiral duct which is called lampblack tube.
(4) the dust removal.Some factory production workshop a lot of dust, need special dust removal device, in which the wind flow larger pipe, spiral duct can be used.
(5) bulk material transportation.Some of the factory production process, the need to transport loose particles, especially the small proportion of such as foam plastic grains using spiral duct low cost, good effect.

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