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Pressure hose what are the important index in the process of inspection
Article : Ludun Time : 2015-10-08 PV:
Pressure hose is part of the high pressure cleaner, and high pressure cleaner and has been widely used in all walks of life, so the choose and buy high pressure hose must be attention to quality, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents.
According to the safety rules of high pressure water jet cleaning of specified requirements, high pressure hose indicators should reach the following requirements:
1) the burst pressure should reach more than 2.5 times the working pressure.
2) test pressure should be reached 1.5 times of working pressure, and keep the pressure more than 2 minutes without damage.
3) pulse pressure should be from zero to the working pressure range, 50000 times the pressure pulse without damage;Working pressure is 1000-2800 bar pulse frequency is 15 times/min, more than 2800 bar is 110 times/min.

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